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Our story

Our story

Flint is an experienced software house, creating VR/AR applications for clients around the world. We create VIRTUAL tools, which bring REAL value to our customers.


We create innovative, tailor-made IT solutions for training, sales, and marketing, designed to tackle our customers' business goals.


Our company has deep roots in VR, reaching 2012 when the first commercial VR goggles, i.e., Oculus DK1 entered the market and started the VR revolution! As technology has developed, we have advanced along with it. We have become one of the most recognized software houses specialized in VR/AR in Poland. 

Our values

Creating real value

VR and AR used to be portrayed as a gimmick. Our products prove that these technologies can bring real value to each business

Full commitment

We are not a big corporation, you can be sure that you will have our full and undivided attention while working on the project.

Constant development

Working in the field of new technologies requires us to constantly adapt to the technological changes, our set of skills evolves along with the technology.

Sharing the knowledge

We want to educate our customers about VR/AR and spread awareness about it’s possibilities in different sectors of the market.

How we work

How we work

  • Concept phase – together we will transform your idea into a complete, coherent application concept, designed to fully serve your business goals
  • Planning phase – a key to each well-executed project! Creating a detailed product roadmap allows us to avoid potential mistakes and delays in the development phase
  • Development phase – we track and analyze each step of the development process to be sure that each project will be delivered on time and according to the specification
  • Implementation phase – after delivering the product, we will help you to implement the product within your company and take the full advantage of it’s possibilities
How we work


Behind every successful project there is a great team.


The development of virtual and augmented reality applications requires an extensive set of skills and much out-of-the-box thinking. That is why assembling a balanced, interdisciplinary team is so crucial to make our projects a success. We are more than proud to work with these talented people, who are our company's heart and soul. 

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