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Flint Tech Becomes Official Reseller of The Next World Platform in Poland


Flint Tech Becomes Official Reseller of The Next World Platform in Poland

Gdańsk, Poland (November 23, 2021) – Flint Tech becomes an official reseller in Poland of The Next World Platform, a SaaS content management system for VR learning experiences.

The Platform features a collection of off-the-shelf virtual reality (VR) learning experiences that also come with robust analytics and data collection capabilities to accurately manage, track and predict employee training performance. The course content is multi-lingual and multi-device.

The learning experiences are available to users any time as a part of their subscription and cover a wide array of training types, from manual handling, height or chainsaw safety to fire extinguishing skills and confined space entry. The Platform provides a safe and realistic environment for employees to practice new skills without putting their lives in danger.

“The world needs VR in our workplace learning programs. To make people safer, more engaged, and more productive” said Founder and CEO of Next World, Michael O’Riley. “Our partnership with Flint will accelerate VR adoption within companies because we’ll have the largest VR workplace learning content library in the world. Our world-first VR Learning platform and learning experiences is truly disrupting the workplace learning space. Gone is death by PowerPoint, and in with immersive learning”. 

CEO of Flint Tech, Peter Dunn said: “We're delighted to announce we have signed a reseller agreement with Next World to bring their best-in-class Virtual Reality workplace learning experience platform directly to the Polish market. This arrangement gives Flint Tech several significant revenue avenues as our partnership with Next World grows and evolves, as we continue to build out new multi-lingual VR training experiences on the platform for Next Worlds' stable of global clientele, continue to localize existing legacy experiences to several key demographic areas (including Polish) and as our Gdansk based business development team can now offer our existing and new accounts in Poland award-winning VR training. It's an exciting time for the future of workplace learning.”


Next World Enterprises is the world’s leading VR for Workplace Learning solution provider for industrial applications based in Brisbane, Australia. The company offers intelligently designed and engineered off-the-shelf Virtual Reality Learning Experiences on a subscription basis that materially improves outcomes and opens a rich data gateway to the individual and company risk profiles.

Flint Tech is one of Poland’s most recognized VR/AR software developers. The company focuses on creating immersive XR experiences that enhance everyday business activities, such as employee training or sales & marketing.

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