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Flint Tech’s internship. Give yourself a chance!


Flint Tech’s internship. Give yourself a chance!

Lots of young people seek a decent job these days. They very often look at the IT sector, tempted by the vibrant, growing, ambitious, and well-paid industry. And good for them, the IT sector does not only need senior specialists, but very often companies train their employees from the very beginning of their careers. Let me introduce Paulina, our intern!

Oliwia, HR Specialist: Paulina, please tell us about you and how your career changed over the years?

Actually, my career path is not so obvious. I’ve worked in many branches – starting from a chocolate production, going through trade and aquarium shops; I even worked as an assistant of a bookbinder! In spite of that, there were no obstacles for me to shift my path and try my hand at IT. I’m interested in floristry (in which I also got a degree), and in different types of handicrafts – decoupage, assembly of furniture or macrame, the art of braiding a string. I believe that my artistic hobbies make me think about a career in IT.

Paula's internship

What about an idea to work with VR/AR and why did you decide to work in Flint?

I was curious about your company because it offers services and products basing on VR/AR technology. And Flint’s portfolio looks great! I think that VR is really innovative and interesting, and what’s more important – forward-looking. This technology is constantly changing and looks better almost from day to day! It provides a huge stimulation and require using own creative ideas, what make me feel that I can really find myself in it.

I also think that it’s a right direction! Could you, please, tell me more about your work as an intern at Flint Tech?

For now as an intern I mostly learn about the Unity 3D – it is a game engine used not only by Flint to realize VR/AR projects. I’ve started from scratch with my programming training, because I don’t have any IT experience. Thanks to my colleagues I can learn new things and develop, what I really appreciate. In the future I will help them with smaller projects in order to learn how all of this stuff works. The diversity of projects in Flint is huge, so I think sooner or later I will spend my time on the big ones.

And what gives you the biggest satisfaction? What do you like in our company?

This company gives huge opportunities of development. Flint is open to new directions and it has a very flexible approach. What’s more, I work with fascinating people, who are passionate about their job. Everyone here cares about the growth – both personal and company growth. People are open to share their knowledge.

Paula's internship

What is the biggest challenge for you in Flint?

First of all, I would like to learn as much as I can. When I see my colleagues skills, I don’t want to stay behind or slow them down. Fortunately, the atmosphere of knowledge-sharing and lack of pressure helps to deal with my anxieties. So I hope that sooner or later, I’ll master the most important skills and I’ll be more independent.

And I wish you that. You’re doing great! Good luck!

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