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The Next World VR Learning Platform at a Glance


The Next World VR Learning Platform at a Glance

After announcing that Flint Tech is now an official reseller of the Next World Platform in Poland, we thought it’d be a great idea to dive in a little deeper and explore the potential and capabilities of the platform to show you why we’re so excited about the reseller agreement.

You see, this partnership is more than simply bringing the platform to the Polish market; it’s about creating affordable and scalable Virtual Reality training experiences and ultimately, changing the future of workplace learning. 

There’s no denying that VR is quickly becoming the number one training tool for those tired of mundane classroom-style learning that should have stayed behind in the 90s… 

Let’s take a look at what the Next World Platform has to offer for modern workplaces.

The Platform

Next World's Insight Platform, in a nutshell, is an LMS (Learning Management System) only for Virtual Reality training. It combines Content Management System (CMS), Learning Records System (LRS), Student Management System (SMS), as well as a powerful data collection and analysis system enabling companies to better manage, track and predict employee training performance.

A screenshot of the Next World VR training platform

The platform is available on a subscription basis and allows users to easily access the library of off-the-shelf learning experiences at any time. That way, your employees learn on their own accord – as and when it suits their needs and learning style, meaning they’ll be more invested in the course and retain more information in the future.

Each employee profile features assessment scores and eye-tracking data to keep your organization informed about their progress:

Aside from data collection, the platform also offers inbuilt reminders to keep track of which team members are due (or overdue) for training, and even helps HR specialists identify competency gaps more efficiently.

Last but not least, the Next World Insight Platform enables you to draw conclusions and create impactful predictions to know where the risks are in your organization, with the ability to identify at-risk employees and deploy interventions before an employee is injured in real life.

The Learning Experiences

The Learning Experiences is an ever-growing library of VR workplace learning content, available to users with just a few clicks once they’re logged in to the platform. They can choose from a range of learning content, including courses like manual handling or fire hazards, with many more experiences coming to the platform in 2022.Each of these experiences are gamified to increase learner engagement and include risk and hazard spotting components, pre-job, and post-job briefing, and assessments learners have to complete to finish the course.

The Future Of Workplace Learning Is Here

It’s quickly becoming apparent that traditional learning methods are no longer sufficient in today’s fast-paced business environment, let alone meet the increasing demand for remote working and learning. 

Companies want more for less, and it’s not a coincidence that many turn to Virtual Reality training as a cost-efficient and effective alternative. Time after time, research confirms that through VR, employees are more engaged and emotionally invested in the course content, feel more confident using new skills in real life and remember more information for longer. 

And now, with SaaS solutions like the Next World Insight Platform, VR training is scalable and available to companies of all sizes. Eventually, it will become a marketplace for VR training experiences where users can browse and buy courses like they would in an ecommerce store. 

If you want to hear more about the platform and how it can support your training needs, reach out to us on

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