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VR Training: Santander Bank Polska Behavioral Segmentation Training


VR Training: Santander Bank Polska Behavioral Segmentation Training


Customer service is one of the crucial factors in establishing a successful relation with a client. That’s the common truth. Therefore, employees responsible for it, those who are faces of the company, need special training and support.  

But how to elevate customer service standards to the next level?  

How to make sure that hundreds of your front men received similar training and gained sufficient soft skills to realize your company’s mission?  

How to be sure that customers do not leave you because of bad communication habits or a lack of experience in customer service?   

The answer is investment in soft skills training via VR 

The Polish branch of the worldwide banking mogul – Santander, came to us help them create the most realistic and engaging training program for both new customer service employees and these already employed. The choice fell on virtual reality (VR) which offers enormous possibilities in this field.  

VR Tech 

How does the world look like with the VR set on? That’s the real magic – it looks exactly as it looks in real life. We achieve such outstanding effect with the use of series of spherical videos. They are part of the tailor-made application that we prepare in close cooperation with our client.  

VR training Santander Behavioral Segmentation

As a result, a training participant sees exactly what they would see while being in the place we want them to be – in this case, Santander’s branch. Thanks to the use of 360-degree VR filmsa customer service specialist can turn their head in every direction, they see exactly the same as they would while being in a bank.  

The VR trainings resemble e-learning, but placed in some other reality. They are very effective because they bring more engagement – a participant is now literally in the course, not in front of a computer or in a lecture hall. They can rotate in any direction and feel like they speak with the customer they see. All of the interactions are made with a VR controller. The trainee simply chooses the possible sentences they want to say out of a few propositions the application provides. Then the customer responds, and the chat continues.

VR training Santander Behavioral Segmentation communication

Our tailor-made solution  

Together with Santander, we developed seven different VR training scenarios, serving as a test for the bank’s customer service specialists. Each scenario encompassed a single appointment with a client. The seven scenarios were not invented just by accident – each one represented a visit of one persona-type customer.  

OK, but what does the trainee need to do? Just as we stated before, not much – there are just goggleto put on, the training can be done from every place in the world. And once the goggles are on – serve the bank’s customers! 

From the user side, the VR training itself is very simple. The trainee, located in a bank’s office has a role to play. One by one, altogether seven customers come to the bank having several different questions. For example, there is a woman asking for a consumer credit, or an entrepreneur just popping in for some information about a business loan. Step by step, one by one, the trainee needs to pass the scenarios, choosing between several possible suggested solutions. They are not, however, that simple. Each persona has different need that must to be satisfied, and what’s more knotty, each persona speaks a bit different language and has a different character. This allows bank employees to practice customer interaction without the risk of losing the customer during the training process. The role of a trainee is to satisfy them, meet their business goals and find a proper emotional approach.   

VR training Santander Behavioral Segmentation instructor


Thanks to the VR training, a customer service specialist can learn how to approach different customers, and how to meet business goals. For Santander, the VR training means savings, more effective education, and gradual replacement of traditional courses by VRThe VR trainings are more engaging and they resemble learning through play, so employees are very eager to attend them. Thanks to virtual reality, Santander gained one, unified training to play countless times 

Advantages in a nutshell 

  • Practicing real customer service in virtual world, 
  • Lessons taken from the course are useful in reality, and can be instantly applied,  
  • Savings: no costs of training rooms, travel expenses, training can be repeated countless times, 
  • Safe training in the time of pandemic: VR goggles can be desinfected and then sent to different branches, no need of meetings in wider groups, 
  • More effective learning – according to all statistics VR trainings are more effective and  lead to better memorization of the training content, 
  • Detailed scenarios teaching not only substantive but also impacting emotional sphere,  
  • Each customer service employee go through the same process, 
  • Easy to organize, 
  • Awesome, unconventional training.

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