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Browning Safe Builder AR

Browning Safe Builder AR

Augmented reality (AR) has revolutionized the sale of many products, including furniture. Thanks to the new technology it is now possible to check how the sofa you want to buy will look like in your room. The opportunities offered by AR have also been recognized by Browning. A world-renowned manufacturer of shooting weapons and accessories, having in mind its customers, ordered the AR application, which was provided by Flint Tech.


Purchasing of furniture has never been easy, but it is even harder to choose a proper gun safe. These kind of objects are big, heavy, difficult to transport and return to the shop. Imagine yourself trying to move some 200 kilos across your room in different places, only to check how it looks like, and eventually calling the supplier to take it away, because the color does not fit to the room.

Browning Safe Builder AR is an effective tool for solving these kind of problems.

Our solution

Flint Tech has created an AR application that enables to visualize all models of gun safes available at Browning. The Clients, after downloading Browning Safe Builder AR, can check how the exact type of a gun safe would look like in their room. It allows for choosing between different safe models, colors, additional graphics, and lock options. After your safe is customized, you just click the “done” button and you’re being redirected to Browning’s website, where you can finalize the purchase.

Application in a nutshell

Browning Safe Builder AR allows you to:

  • Customize your own safe gun,
  • Visualize it in the place of your location,
  • Purchase the model you want to via Browning’s website,
  • Check all kinds of safes for free.

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