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AR E-commerce

Thanks to AR, your customers will be able to visualize your product in the comfort of their homes and configure it to their needs with a few simple clicks! By combining AR with your e-commerce shop, you can take your customers' online shopping experience to a whole new level! 


How does it work?


We can recreate your products in the form of hyper-realistic 3D models. We can use it to create an AR application, allowing your customers to customize your product to their needs by browsing through all available options for customization. Customers would be able to view your products in real time, in the context of any real space. They could also instantly check if the product fits their needs and make the purchase decision without visiting your showroom or sales office! 


We can also embed 3D models of your products on your e-commerce website in a web form. It can allow your customers to preview the products in AR without the need to install additional software, although limiting the AR functionality to displaying, moving and rotating the model. 


Why use AR in e-commerce?


  • An exciting, futuristic shopping experience
  • Compelling, realistic presentation of products (1:1 scale!) in the context of real space
  • It gives your clients the option to configure your products to their needs with a real-time preview
  • Allows your clients to make a quicker decision for purchase (no need to visit a showroom)
  • An excellent solution for brands having difficulties with showing their products due to their dimensions or weight

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