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AR Training & Education

Looking for a way to enhance the learning experience of your trainees or students? Augmented reality is the way to go! AR provides new ways for trainers and educators to illustrate, demonstrate, and effectively explain even the most complex topics.

How does it work?


Through AR, we can quickly visualize any type of learning content, in the form of animated 3D models, blended with the real world. Each application can also include additional features like instructive voice-overs, detailed visual guidelines, tutorial videos, and many other types of content and interactions. Just imagine an anatomy lesson, where students can see a real size 3D model of a human body in front of them! They can inspect in detail each bone, organ, tissue, or even a cell with a few simple clicks!


Marker-based AR can serve as a perfect addition to any type of printed educational materials, like handbooks, leaflets, or manuals. Marker-based AR can display additional digital content on each page, transforming a simple print into engaging, interactive learning material.


Thanks to AR object tracking, we can also overlay digital information over physical spaces and objects. For example, we can provide step by step instructions on how to service a machine or a device by displaying visual guidelines on it and additional materials like video tutorials, voice-overs, and many more!

Why AR?

  • Great way to increase engagement of the trainees/students
  •  It can add a layer of additional digital content to traditional training materials
  • Provides a more immersive learning experience by visualizing the content in 3D in real time
  • Can include a lot of supplemental digital materials and allow for interaction with the 3D content

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