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VR E-learning

Web-based e-learning is enormously popular and widely used in companies all around the world. VR-based e-learning is a natural evolution of this concept, presented in a much more engaging and compelling form. 


How does it work?


After putting on the VR goggles, the user sees a series of spherical films (360). He or she can freely look around, feeling as if they were in the middle of the action, e.g., as a sales rep talking with the customer. The trainee sees a given scenario (e.g., angry customer) and is presented with a set of choices prompting them to react appropriately to a given situation. If they follow the wrong path, they can always come back to try again. Each of the training programs may include a test at the end. Statistics gathered during the VR training help understand trainee's behavior in more depth than traditional e-learning.


Why VR e-learning?

  • Thanks to the use of spherical films (360), the trainee feels as if they were in the middle of the action, which significantly increases trainees' engagement and directly translates into training effectiveness. 
  • After putting on the VR goggles, the trainee is wholly cut off from external stimuli that could distract them. As a result, they can deeply focus on the training material in front.
  • We can get valuable statistics from each VR training, such as the trainee's reaction time or his or her heatmap highlighting the areas of focus of their eyes.

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