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VR Simulators

VR simulators are a combination of virtual reality technology and physical hardware, such as motion platforms, joysticks, control panels, and many other electronic devices to recreate any machine or vehicle's working environment realistically.


How does it work?


Unlike traditional, screen-based simulators, VR simulators allow the trainee to fully immerse themselves in the simulation thanks to the six degrees of freedom (6DoF). The physical hardware is fully integrated and synced with the VR environment, so all of the training tasks can be performed manually using real hardware. 


Why VR simulators?


  • Huge savings compared to traditional training, which requires the use of real machines/vehicles
  • VR simulations allow trainees to train various emergency scenarios, like machine failure, which cannot be trained traditionally due to high risk
  • Possibility of reading and analyzing many training statistics not available in the traditional training
  • Compared to screen-based simulators, VR simulators allow for much more effective training of employees at a much lower price (much lower cost of VR goggles compared to the monitors used in traditional simulators)


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VR simulators from Flint Systems

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