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VR Training

Virtual reality training gives us a vast range of new training opportunities, which were impossible to obtain by other means. We can simulate any training scenario in a safe, cost-efficient, and measurable way with VR – from soft skills training to specialized technical training.


How does it work?


We can move trainees to any three-dimensional scenery. We design the course of the entire training from its beginning to the end, allowing trainees to fully interact with the virtual world around them. 3D-based VR training enables trainees to move freely within the designated training space and to perform the training tasks entrusted to them manually.


Why VR training?

  • Increased engagement and focus of training participants due to limiting external stimuli
  • Decreased cost of the training process
  • More effective learning, thanks to engaging more senses than in a classroom environment
  • Faster habit formation thanks to utilizing an training muscle memory
  • The ability to practice processes that are really dangerous or impossible to reproduce in real life

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